Hello & Welcome

Welcome. Urban Development Landscapes Group – UDL – is a dynamic Landscape Construction and Maintenance Company operating nationwide from our headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

UDL provides the gamete of Commercial Landscape Services, working closely with Landscape Architects, Developers, Builders, Utilities and Local, State and Federal Authorities. While we began in metro and regional Victoria, 2015 is an exciting year that sees us expanding around Australia and beginning to deliver great work beyond Victorian state lines.

When I founded the company some 4 years ago after 23 years in the industry, I did so with one fundamental guiding desire – to bring our client’s visions to life with passion and integrity. As a result, we are committed to ensuring every project, large or small, is treated with professionalism, applying the highest quality expertise, attention to detail, with 100% quality assurance and delivered stress-free for our valued partners.

During the process of significant growth over the last few years due to that commitment to our clients, there is one thing I’ve noticed and that is, it can be hard to tell apples from oranges in our industry sometimes …

In my experience, the place to see a difference between one group and another in our field, is not so much in what we do (although there can be vast differences in quality there), but rather, in how we do it, specifically in how we work AND in how we work together with you.

At UDL, you’ll discover that we are focused on your outcomes – your results. We start with the results you are looking to accomplish first and foremost, then, no matter the type of project – construction, maintenance, facility management or environmental and sustainability – we map it from beginning to end to create the best possible team of experts, the greatest Project Management plan, or ongoing process to produce the result you want within set budgets and timeframes.

For example, your outcomes even determine who the team is for your project … we quite literally assign (and if needed source) the best team for your needs – not any team on any project – only the right team for the right project. The results you and your stakeholders are committed to accomplishing drive us each and every day, week to week, month to month in all we do and how we operate in very real terms.

Further, we all know that this is not an industry where things go smoothly – with factors like the weather, lots of moving parts, suppliers, timings and more to contend with – it is more a case of not IF things will go wrong, but WHEN, so it’s then about how well and how quickly we will take the right action and make the right decisions to ensure we stay on track to producing that result for you.

Thanks to that approach, we’ve been able to, as they say ‘punch above our weight’ in some cases until the point several years ago where we began to and still do compete, day to day with huge multinationals, much bigger than ourselves and yet, quite frankly, match or better them every day … this is only possible because of our expertise, passion, personal attention and partnership with our clients.

To us, that relationship, that partnership we establish to produce your result in a way that works for you and your stakeholders is paramount. Everything starts and ends there – if that’s right from the get go, its like laying a great foundation in a building – everything works from that point on.

That’s why we see ourselves as your partner in results.

It’s absolutely not just a tag line to us – its our business.

Given that, I do hope you’ll be in touch and I look forward to myself and our team of experts being able to assist you soon. In the meantime, please do enjoy our website. All the best.

Gavin Lowe
Managing Director