Urban Development Landscapes Group - UDL

After 23 years experience in the industry, UDL was formed by Gavin Lowe in 2011, joined by Paul Hughes shortly after in 2012,
the business flourished from the outset.

Starting with just 2 team members, the permanent team has now grown to just under 30, with contract staff growing that number significantly on a project to project basis.

Having proven ourselves over the last 4 years as highly capable at delivering results and successful project and maintenance outcomes for our clients, we are now continuing to grow our landscape construction projects, while expanding our maintenance contract base and opening offices across Australia throughout 2015.

We continue to add new team members with significant expertise in both the construction and maintenance streams of our industry and look forward to that trend continuing through 2015.

We also continue to expand our client base of;

Landscape Architects

We’re sure there will be many more chapters to our story and look forward to sharing those!