UDL Group’s Health & Safety Promise

The safety of people and our environment is of utmost importance to us.
UDL Group is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.


We are compliant with AS/NZS 4801 and ISO14001 Health and Safety and Environmental Policies and Procedures that are implemented throughout the company and on all our construction sites.

UDL Group is committed to improving health and safety and will adopt a preventative approach to its management of occupational health and safety (OH&S) by:

  • Ensuring that management is committed to improving OH&S through planning, setting targets, allocating resources and evaluating outcomes
  • Ensuring that managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the safety and health of all people, visitors and contractors in their area, by monitoring adherence to policies and procedures
  • Ensuring that supervisors are responsible and accountable for the health and safety of all people under their control
  • Management consulting with health and safety representatives, all people and, if requested, registered associations, on matters affecting the OH&S of all people
  • Having safety policies in place which document the responsibilities and procedures for protecting the health and safety of all people
  • Providing adequate training and instruction to all people to equip them with the knowledge and skill necessary to meet their responsibilities
  • Providing an effective injury management system to achieve the earliest possible safe return to work of all injured people
  • Ensuring a systematic approach to reporting, recording and investigating all incidents and hazards to prevent injury and illness.

The Health and Safety Policy receives the highest priority from the senior managers of UDL and this priority is communicated to all personnel connected with the company.

As such OH&S is monitored through:

  • Evaluating a site prior to commencing any works and recording finding on the Risk Assessment Checklist, which is actioned.
  • The completion of a Risk Assessment Record prior to commencement of works.


OH&S Reporting

UDL Group assesses and documents OHS risks at the start of each project and documents the results through a Risk Assessment Record. Hazard control measures are documented and applied for all activities with a medium or high risk. Control measures identified are then included in the development of Safe Work Method Statements.

The risk assessment and risk control plan is reviewed monthly or under any of the following circumstances:

  • There is evidence that the risk assessment is no longer valid
  • Subsequent incidents indicate that the assessment of the level of risk may not be adequate
  • Significant changes are proposed in the work. This includes new work orders.
  • Where required by the contract, the Contract Manager provides written certification to the client that the risk control plan covers all proposed activities with identified risks.

A project specific Risk Assessment Record is included in the Project Management Plan (CPMP) for the project.

Any OH&S incidents that do occur are reported through the Injury Report and documented through the Incident Investigation Report. The findings of this report are then used to assess the existing SWMS for the task and/or the site and updated accordingly of required in an attempt to eliminate the potential for future similar incidence.


Risk Management

It is through preventative action that UDL attempts to monitor and control risk management and begins before work commences on site.

Through the implementation of the below process UDL is able to identify, assess and eliminate hazards and make all staff aware of the procedures to follow in case of emergencies.

  • Site Risk Assessment
  • Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Site Induction
  • Toolbox Meeting
  • Sub Contractor Register


Emergency Management Plan

Preparation for emergency situations aims to minimise the nature and extent of injuries, damage to property and harm to the environment that might ensue from an emergency situation. The purpose of emergency preparedness is making sure that emergency procedures actually work in the event of an emergency.

UDL Group establishes, implements, documents and maintains a system for the identification of potential emergency situations that can impact health and safety and be prepared to respond to actual incidents.

The Risk assessment process identifies potential emergencies at project level.


Vehicle and Pedestrian Interface Plan

UDL Group is committed to ensure the safety of our own work workforce, contractors, visitors and members of the public at any work sites under its control. To ensure these, UDL Group and our contractors prepare and implement pedestrian and vehicle movement plan at worksites.