Your Environmental and Sustainability Partner in Results

An integral component of UDL Group’s successful delivery of over 500 contracts worth $16M in Landscape Construction, Maintenance and Facilities management has been our commitment to creating sustainable environments.

Our solid portfolio of work developed and delivered nationally in partnership with high profile, award-winning Developers and Landscape Architects ranges across wetlands, re-vegetation projects and expansive reserves through to drainage and erosion control contracts.

Leaders in best practice of design, construction and maintenance of wetlands, reserves, gardens and other open spaces, five of our core team have very recently achieved the highly regarded Sustainable Gardening Australia certification, evidence of UDL Group’s unwavering commitment and passion to create sustainable environments.

Working on rebuilding and maintaining high-profile urban and semi-urban environmental projects we are continually focused on protecting and enhancing our valuable natural assets.

UDL seeks to ensure that proper consideration is given to the care of the flora, fauna, air, land, water and the community by observing all environment laws and promoting environmental awareness:

  • Improving plant survival rates through better selection – as part of an award-winning Developers project, we have planted tens of thousands of trees and plants so we know what we’re taking about when it comes to planting! From choosing the best plants for specific environments and the best season to plant to avoiding locally invasive plants, we will always offer our expert advice. We will help you substitute a plant that will not thrive in a specific environment and will advise on specialized materials when necessary, such as netting to protect the aquatic plants from ducks and geese.
  • Advanced water resource management – by ensuring we have robust water testing systems in place we control any potential pollution of the waterways, we use products that help hold water in the soil and have pioneered innovative water-saving tanks.
  • Creating opportunity for biodiversity – we are always aware and mindful of existing habitats and constantly thinking about how best to encourage the creation and development of ecosystems. Our proven methodologies have seen us nurture sustainable ecosystems in environments such as drainage channels. We have also created dedicated protected areas for fragile species such as the growling tree frog by constructing special nets to keep them in and their predators out.

UDL Group are Environmental and Sustainability experts, specialising in:

  • Erosion control
  • Hydro-seeding
  • Jute matting
  • Revegetation
  • Terrestrial planting
  • Aquatic planting
  • Rock beaching
  • Rock placement
  • Respecting and protecting historic landform

Why Choose UDL Group?

  • Leading the way in environmental stewardship and being best of breed role models – UDL Group acknowledges the benefits of environmental management and undertakes to fulfill its legal and community duty, by taking all reasonable and practical measures to prevent or minimise harm to the environment.
  • Successful completion and certification in Melbourne Waters Site Environmental Awareness Training 2015 – UDL Group is committed to:
    • Understanding and upholding their legal and moral obligations not to pollute waterways
    • Appreciating and preventing issues associated with not adequately implementing environmental management practices
    • Understanding legal responsibilities for undertaking environmental management
    • Making informed decisions on how to select, implement and maintain environment protection measures
  • We are as committed to reducing your overheads as we are passionate about protecting the environment – our state of the art water tanks, ranging from 1,000L to 3,000L, have been designed to minimise the use of water through innovative features that enable tree watering with an extendable arm and a fitted water cannon more suited to garden beds and turf areas. All our specialised tanks are operated from inside the cabin, making it easier on the driver, meaning that all your precious resources (including time and money) are invested for maximum efficacy.